There’s a missing 365 drawing in here and I was going to catch up on it today but forward motion I think is the only antidote to time lost. Onward!


Well, I decided to do Furry Little Peaches #drawthisinyourstyle and boy howdy was it an experience.

I couldn’t get the colors right and I had to re-color it and then my computer was busted yesterday so I had to wait so that I could edit it before uploading it here. Still not the best quality but I dig it a bit.

Things I learned:

  • the type of paper you use can be important

  • it doesn’t have to be perfect


  • I think I should work in something a little bit more comfortable for me before trying something so daunting: slowly add color to my mostly black and white india ink illustrations.



I’ve decided to start a 365 project to improve my art and because I’m so inspired by my favorite online artists and illustrators (Furrylittlepeaches, Leigh Ellexson, Pearfleur, Fran Meneses).

I’ll be posting one new piece of art every day to this blog and to Instagram. I’m going to try to not get overwhelmed, not care if my art is shitty or perfect, and challenge myself to make more!


  • Improve my color scheme/use of color

  • Draw animals better

  • Hone in on my style

  • Mix media more!

  • Get good at backgrounds/negative space

I’ll also do doing monthly art challenges! And using other hashtags to gain inspiration for art!

April 1.png

A thought for more thoughts to go.

I love political comedians. I've been watching Colbert and Oliver talk about presidencies and ridiculousness and everything in between for most of my adult life now. Every time I watch lately now I can't help but wonder what it is about the segments that make me laugh through a cringe. I think I've finally found it. While it's necessary to call out bullshit and it's necessary to laugh (I love coping mechanisms so much) it is gross when done in a dehumanizing manner. See: Brené Brown's take on dehumanization and American politics.