The snow right now outside my window looks like a million shooting stars. I am in my bed. Alone on New Year's Eve. By choice and by necessity. I have to work early tomorrow morning. I am tired and do not want to live my life by shoulds.

"You should go out and celebrate even though you're tired".

"You should spend all your money".

"You should be around people even though you crave the comfort of silence".

"You should talk better".

"You should eat even though you're not hungry".

"You should..."


There a million things to be worried about this coming year. So many things that need to grow in me. I know I must push through the cold hard winter of life to get to my spring. That the ever increasing build up of snow tends to slow things down and spin me out of control. But I am unused to the quiet and it feels nice. And I know from experience that every shooting star tears up the atmosphere a little bit as it passes through. But that's exactly what makes them bright and beautiful.