Art is a space. Make space for art.

I read a lot of Austin Kleon. Every day I read his blog. I feel like I'm constantly refreshing his page to see if he's posted something new. And when he hasn't I remember to check my e-mail for his newsletter. I usually find an unread one that I can peruse and go off onto research tangents. I'm a firm believer in having 17 browser tabs open on 3 subjects at any given time. This morning I woke up and painted, rode my board, did my morning routine. I feel a lot calmer and clearer heading into work than when I wake up and eject myself into the day. I want to start painting more and writing more and creating more. To start leaning into the idea of writing and painting even for an hour every day. That hopefully at the end of the year I'll have something to mash together into a cohesive piece of media. Austin Kleon talks of this a lot. I can't wait for his book "Keep Going" to come out.

If this post is random and not cohesive it is because I showed up to the work today and it is unpolished and pretty.