Pop Culture Thoughts

  • Stranger Things series 3 is already a million times better than series 2. It’s got that overarching mystery thing down pat. Makes me want to read Nancy Drew books which I somehow missed out on as a child despite my love of mystery stories.

  • Speaking of YA novels: I’m revisiting The Babysitters Club through the eyes of two male identifying leads in a podcast called The Babysitters Club Club. I’d recommend reading the books along with the episodes as there’s not much plot summarization happening but it’s hilarious, nostalgic, and nerdy as all get out. Plus the two leads have podcast chemistry.

  • Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat is making me re-think the way I cook. Plus Samin Nosrat is A-DOR-ABLE. I’m also simultaneously reading How to Read a French Fry which looks at the scientific reasons why potato’s fry, how to cut an onion without crying, and what makes an emulsion….emulsify. Companion reading is a good approach when studying a passion sometimes.

  • I finally watched the first episode of Veronica Mars and I like it but I may have to wait a while to see if I want to continue watching it as a lot of traumatic stuff is revealed to happen to her in the very FIRST episode which, spoiler alerts, includes, the death of a friend, abandonment by her mother, cover-ups by her father, bullying, date-rape, and probably other stuff I’m forgetting. Sheesh!

So, be right back I’m going to get sucked into a wormhole of researching detective dime novels and endlessly scrolling Netflix for a movie to watch (which I’ll probably never actually choose).