How often are orders shipped?

Once a week and usually 3-5 days after placed.

My order hasn’t arrived yet! What do I do?

Please contact me at with the order number. If it is an international shipment it will likely be taking longer to travel the air and seas!


The following is a list of items I generally use (though experimentation is fun!):

PAPER Arches Cold Press Watercolor Paper and Canson Mid-Weight Bristol Paper
WATERCOLORS  Daniel Smith and Prang
PENS Sakura Pigma Micron Ink Pens
COLORED PENCILS Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Coloured Pencils
BRUSHES Any synthetic brush I find. Usually small round and wide flat.
SKETCHBOOKS All of them! Moleskin, Canson, Strathmore and on and on!


How did you find your style?

I’ve always liked when other people used color but never when I used it. I also just really love black. I also really love to play in the space between whimsy and real. If it’s somewhat cartoonish but also classically beautiful I’m in! If you want to find your style just keeping creating and paying attention to those memes that pop out in your work over and over again.

I want to make art! How and where do I start?

Everybody, in my opinion, is creative. Making art is more about showing up, doing the work every day (even if it’s drawing for 10 minutes a day), and trying than it is talent. Buy a few cheap starter paints, pens, and pencils. Seriously, just put any number of lines and colors on a page and your mind will start to form images out of them.